Like other wedding photographers I will of course capture all the key moments of your big day. I can also confirm that most of my photos will be shot reportage and that I will shoot your group photos in a fun and engaging way.

But what you really want to know is what sets me apart…


“We were so lucky that Tom photographed our wedding. Right from the word go, we knew that he was the ideal photographer for shooting our big day. Tom was approachable, easy-going and professional.”

I pride myself on being personable and remaining, as the quote above says, approachable, easy-going and professional. Weddings days are extremely important and sometimes they can also be pretty stressful. What you don’t need is a photographer who adds to that stress. My clients always comment on how I remain calm and approachable and how I make the photography such a fun part of their day. My relaxed approach helps you, the bride and groom, relax.


Tom really did his homework. He spent time and effort before the day; getting to know us and to understand exactly what we wanted from our photos. The preparation paid off and as the day unfolded the photography became an integral and seamless part of our big day’ Tom’s professionalism and warmth gave us full confidence that the photography was in safe hands.”

For me, being prepared means getting to know the bride and groom as well as I can. It is so important for me to understand how they would like me to approach their big day. Every couple are different and every wedding is different. So it’s crucial that I understand the part that photography is going to play on this important occasion. I realise that, as a wedding photographer, I need to strike a balance. It’s crucial that I capture all the key moments of this once-in-a-lifetime day, but I also know that some wedding photographers can dominate a wedding day. And I don’t ever want to be that photographer. So I am very careful to talk to the bride and groom before the day to understand how they would like me to approach their big day - which photos and which people are priorities for them. Agreeing a detailed approach to the day with you in advance guarantees that I capture the photos you want, when you want.